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President Should Ban Fires
By: Michael Holmes
~ Ronald Reagan
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      A house in my area recently burned down. In fact, a lot of houses around the United States have burned down. Some of the fires have been on purpose, others on accident. Regardless, why hasnít Congress and the President gotten involved and solved this issue? Is it too much to ask to ban fire, at least massive fire? I can walk in to any gas station in fact and buy matches and a few gallons of fuel and the cashier would not even ask for an I.D. or any sort of permits. No background check. Nothing. Just a quick cash transaction. Now, the naysayers will argue that fire can supposedly be used for good like cooking and staying warm. But, if we can even save one child from a home fire, is it too much to ask for the rest of us to make a small sacrifice by banning fire? Itís dangerous, and I would urge the President to issue whatever executive orders he can to make sure that matches and gasoline do not end up in the wrong hands. He should absolutely sign those executive orders surrounded by innocent children, who will certainly never be exposed to any potentially harmful situations thanks to Obamaís brave leadership.
      Of course I am trying to sound a little absurd, but is the left not almost to the point of taking these jokeful suggestions and turning them into serious political issues? Their answer to stopping gun violence has been a resounding plan to ban assault weapons. Criminals commit crimes. They do not care about the laws that Congress passes. Most of them probably have no clue what is even going on in Washington, which puts them on a level playing field with Joe Biden. The only people who abide by the law are law-abiding people. The notion that banning anything will decrease or even stop an activity from taking place is misguided at best.
      I have seen some posts on social media joking about bans on meth and cocaine and how the laws against those products have certainly not come close to stopping many people from using those drugs. Remember Prohibition from History class? Al Capone, a criminal, used the ban to his benefit. The only entities that stopped making alcohol were the law abiding entities.
      Watch out America. The Second Amendment may take a beating if we donít insist that the Republican establishment, ever ready to please the liberal media, keep their backbones intact on this issue. Liberals are ready to take the lead and ban assault weapons. Well, except for the AK-47 assault rifles that the Obama administrationís Justice Department sells to Mexican drug cartels. Those are just fine.