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Rights for Illegals, Laws for Rest
By: Michael Holmes
~ Ronald Reagan
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      Have you heard of Rep. Edward Acevedo? I hadn’t either until last week. He’s an Illinois House Member. A Chicago Democrat. Chicago politics are bad on their own. Illinois democrat policies have the potential to be bad. Combining the two is recipe for disaster. Rep. Acevedo was one of the sponsors of Senate Bill 957, which allows illegal immigrants to obtain driver’s licenses. It has passed both chambers of the General Assembly and now goes to Governor Pat Quinn for his signature (Quinn reportedly will sign it into law). Something so absurd surely had to be an issue only endorsed by the most left-leaning of liberals, correct? Unfortunately, some of our fellow GOP members tagged along for the ride. Former Illinois Gov. Jim Edgar supported the idea. I have had great respect for Gov. Edgar, but I cannot and will not defend him on this issue.
      In an article by the Chicago Tribune, Acevedo was quoted as saying "We have failed because some of these individuals cannot be trained to drive the roads of Illinois."
      “We have failed?” No, Ed. YOU have failed. Stop blaming the law-abiding citizens for the unlawful actions of others. I am confused by the left’s reasoning: Illegals can’t drive? That’s your fault. Politicians have spent us into the cellar? That’s your fault for not paying enough in taxes. A crazed individual shoots and kills somebody? That’s your fault for being pro second amendment. We are apparently beyond taking accountability for our own actions. Everything is someone else’s fault and someone else’s problem to solve.
      A couple of years ago, Illinois passed a 67% increase in the state income tax (a jump from three percent to five percent). The majority of our politicians seem to have little problem passing laws and tax increases on legal, hard-working citizens of this state, yet they scramble to pass more rights for illegals. I thought we had a pension crisis in Illinois. I remember hearing on the the news how we are billions of dollars in the hole. No worries. Save those issues for another day while the politicians work tirelessly to make sure that there is an illegal immigrant driving on every roadway in the state.
      Nationally, the immigration narrative is disturbing as well. It seems practical that legal immigration should be supported and illegal immigration should not be supported. I suppose that is just a fringe, extremist stance to take that Colin Powell would most certainly give me a good lecture about.
      Senator Marco Rubio, who is being discussed by numerous sources as a potential 2016 Presidential candidate, is beginning to push the idea of allowing the estimated eight to twelve million illegal immigrants in the U.S. to “earn” a work permit and eventual citizenship according to The Wall Street Journal. The White House is predictably letting the champagne flow over that news. Obama’s Press Secretary, Jay Carney, said that “the reports about Sen. Rubio’s ideas bode well for a productive bipartisan debate.” Notice how the left uses the word “bipartisan” to reference any event in which Republicans and conservatives cave to the liberals’ demands.
      Rubio has concerned me on immigration for quite some time thanks to his supportive words of Obama’s executive order to not deport illegal immigrants 30 years of age and younger who have been in the country since age 16 and meet other requirements. Rubio called the President’s action “welcome news for many of these kids desperate for an answer." Well, Senator Rubio, the President’s executive action was not “welcome news” for us and I, for one, am “desperate for an answer” to why many in Washington fail to understand this issue.